Monday, August 20, 2012


Up, down...somewhere in between. That's pretty much how my health is right now. We seem to have found a drug that finally works for my RA but trying to get the doctors to take my residual pain from previous damage seriously seems to be like a long bout of banging my head against a wall.

I don't understand why some doctors act like RA is no big deal. I had my ankle eat itself in 3 months, what about that is no big deal...mostly it's that the pain is not located anywhere on the doctors body.

Why would anyone make this kind of pain up. To me living my life painfree would be a blessing and if I woke up tomorrow painfree I would never pay another copay in my life, happily.

If every time a doctor told me there was no reason for my pain it actually went away, life would be good. Unfortunately that isn't the way it works.

All this to say I have a congenital fusion in my neck from when I was born. It's called Kippel-Feil's. It's a natural fusion between c2-c3. I have had 3 radio-frequency ablations in the past 3 years. This last one didn't work, which basically means I still hurt, a lot. My orthopedic surgeon who hasn't taken an xray or done an MRI in over a year basically told me that it requires no surgery and that I should go get adjusted at a chiropractor.

Let's just say the last time my chiropractor adjusted me he nearly broke me...resulting in the fact that he won't touch my neck. Yup, my orthopedic surgeon told me he shouldn't be scared that my neck is fused. Apparently in his free time he freelances as a chiropractor.

So yeah, that's my choice...after years of PT, 3 rhizotomies, 8 jillion epidural injections...I should get an adjustment. If only things we're so easy....

What I will be getting? A new orthopedic surgeon. One who will at least take an xray and possibly an MRI before he tells me I should scoot my butt off to get my neck cracked....


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