Thursday, August 23, 2012

Holy Cow, Does That Chick Ever Have Anything Good To Say?

For the whole two of you that are reading my blog right now, I thank you (and wonder why). I've appreciated your responses and I'm glad to be back, too.

I thought I might give you a little explanation as to why all I keep writing about is my RA. I've been fighting a flare for 5 years now. We've made a lot of progress but it's come with a great price in my health. Sounds wrong, right? Here's what I mean...last year we managed to make a shoulder that hurt so bad it nearly drove me to the edge better with cortisone injections. Those injections drove me straight to the hospital for a 5 day stay because my adrenal glands shut down and I went into shock, my endocronologist said he had never seen levels as low as mine before.

I'm constantly saying to my husband that my people (friends and family) don't get what it's like to live every day life with RA and it finally clicked, that's because no one talks about it, no one writes it down because it would just seem like one long WHINE. So, I decided to write...about the good and the bad. Right now the bad outweighs the good, in a few weeks I'm going to travel to Arizona and while it will be difficult and I'm scared to death, I know it will also be good...and maybe my body will give me a break for a little bit.

I'm much more positive now then I was even a year ago (yes, I heard a few of you fall off your chairs) and yes, I agree that attitude is everything. But I think being real is important too. Can you live a good life with RA? Hell yes! Will it be easy? Hell no!

So my peeps, I won't bore you to death in person, or by text or even on the phone. If you want to know how I'm doing read here. It may be hard but I'm worth it and if you truly love me you won't just stand by me during the good times but try to understand me all the time.


stripeycat said...

Constant pain is a living prison with very small freakin windows... I am glad you open yours to let others peek in... The more people that can see others fight for a good life with daily pain ... maybe the more people will try.
Or atleast try to understand those of us that wake up daily feeling like a truck dragging a bull with a sledge hammer hit us each morning...
many soft hugs my friend.

Crazymamaof6 said...

You are coming to az? We should do lunch. If you have time. Seriously. Hugs. It needs to be shared. You need to share just for you because it is like therapy. It is a huge part of your reality. The good the bad and the ugly. Hugs friend. I'm just glad you survived and are blogging again.