Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glowing the Extra Mile...

Ignorance is bliss and denial is not a river in Egypt. Either way, I would like to remain ignorant, so then you might ask why it is that I scheduled a CT Scan of my foot before my vacation, apparently I'm a doofus.

So today was the big day where they took a gander inside my foot, you know the one that was fused for the second time a year a half ago. Usually at an appointment like this I'm all about getting a copy of the scan, this time I wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, if I could have dropped my foot off and went about my day without it, I would have been good.

And then I wouldn't have had to walk the mile to the door and then another mile to the CT Scan department. Uhm, seriously...I'm having a scan on my FOOT because it hurts and we're not sure if its fused a year and a half later, what part of let's walk a couple miles on it sounds like a good idea.

Whatever, apparently I'm unable to ask for a wheelchair because they don't have one quite big enough to put my ego and pride in it and have enough room left over for my body. So I shuffle back to the room and then proceed to try and lay completely still while having muscle spasms in my thigh...fun times.

I practically ran out of the hospital which might be the reason that I needed to drive home without my shoe on, oops...as you might have figured, my foot, not doing great. Looks like it might have fused in some places but its still not fused all the way, which means pain...LOTS...but I'm dealing because my other options are wearing a boot for a year or surgery.

Surgery on a person with Adrenal Insufficiency is pretty much a nightmare and none of my doctors are excited about the idea (which means you can imagine how I feel about it). So I imagine we are going to do everything we can before we cut things open this time, for me this means pain and no fun.

So because I like to push the envelope and flip RA the bird I've have decided to walk in the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Walk in December in Chicago. Yes, everything about this is a good idea, 5k of walking in the freezing cold with a bunch of my closest friends and a bunch of other morons who aren't smart enough to stay in when it's cold. It should be a blast...if I have to crawl it do you suppose it still counts?

Yup, situation normal. RA pushes, I push back....the votes still out who will win...

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