Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mommy, Why Do They Call It The Four Seasons?

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to run away to the Four Seasons in Chicago. We've stayed in some nice places (The Drake which is right down the street last year) before but nothing like this place. You want to talk about living in the lap of luxury, and how!

Unfortunately, and you knew that was coming...Hope picked up the flu on Saturday and spent most of the weekend in bed. Though 600 count sheets and a down duvet, not a bad way to go to nurse yourself back to health.

Mom and Dad ate room service for most of the weekend and pretty much just reveled in the view and the cupcakes from Sprinkles (I don't get all the's a cupcake).

On Sunday morning I guess Hope felt like something cold to drink. She was running a fever so Joe was sleeping with her and I slept on the couch (surgery tomorrow...can not catch the flu). I heard the pitter patter of little feet but didn't think much of it, I just figured that Joe was wandering around.

I got up later that morning and looked at the nightstand to find a bottle of Fuji water and orange juice. As I tried not to panic I asked Hope where these had come from. She said the refrigerator.

Uhm yeah, the MINI BAR refrigerator. I guess we hadn't thought to tell her that each bottle cost $4 a piece. We usually bring some water and snacks with, so we just figured she would drink those.

After we had explained the idea of the mini bar we went and grabbed the price list and were relieved to find that while $4 wasn't ideal it was a lot better than the $12 a bottle we have seen before.

So here is a lesson for you. When the person who brings up your luggage shows you the keys to the mini bar, don't look at him like he's crazy, lock that bad boy up and hide the keys. If not, you might end up owing more for the mini bar than for the room.

Thank goodness Hope wasn't hungry...she could have done some major damage....


Are You Serious! said...

Very nice! Cracks me up! :)

Melisa with one S said...

Oh come on, it would've been A LITTLE funny...