Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bonerator...Part !!!

So I've got this bone stimulator...and I have to wear it for 4 hours a day. It's not uncomfortable its just kind of ungainly. When I sit, it just kind of doesn't fit in my it makes 4 hours seem kind of like 4 years.

Thankfully I have a wonderful side effect, it makes me barfy...what do you suppose the chances are? It also makes my RA hurt (not surprising since I'm using it to combat the Enbrel I'm taking.)

So I fiddled with the timing and figured out I can wear it for 2 hours a day without making myself sick (odd, I know...but I have to wear the thing.)

I leave it on my desk when I'm not wearing it so I can charge it. Usually it's right where my cat Luci likes to lay. I'm pretty sure that I have written about Luci (her full name is Lucifer), she's a little devil. The other day she was laying on the desk so I put The Bonerator in the chair.

About five minutes later I'm watching her wrestle with The Bonerator, she was pulling on it and jumping all over it. Eventually she managed to drop it out of the chair...and even managed to get caught up in it so she looked like she was wearing it.

And then amazingly, she managed to turn it on. So yes, for a minute or two that day my cat wore my bone stimulator for me. If I had caught that on video I would be a millionaire....or at least have a million hits on YouTube...

Do you suppose my back doctor would think it was acceptable if I had Luci wear my bone stimulator for me?

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Kelli said...

my MIL has one also. wouldnt that be nice to have a million dollars!