Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a Pick-A-Nick Basket....

My sister-in-law is getting married this year in September. She is marrying a guy we all love to death and they are going to have a humongous wedding. And maybe if I'm lucky I won't be wearing a cast, a boot or any other health related paraphernalia.

So back to the wedding. Auntie J asked both her niece and her nephew to be in the wedding. Hope is going to be the flower girl and my nephew is going to be the ring bearer.

There was a big deal at Christmas that J was going to ask Hope and N to stand up for her.

She gave them each a bag with a ribbon and a button that said Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. Now Hope knew this was coming so she was totally thrilled. N on the other hand, has never been to a wedding and didn't know the question was coming.

When Auntie J asked him, he kind of looked bashful and told her no...uhm oops, not the answer she was looking for. We kind of joked and told her that he just didn't want to wear a tuxedo...it was an odd moment. Then we moved on with the present opening.

About a week later Grandma C was talking with my nephew and asked him why he didn't want to stand up in Auntie J's wedding.

He looked at Grandma C and said in all seriousness....Grandma, I don't want to dress up like a BEAR!

Baahhhaaaa! This poor kid was imaging walking down the aisle next to Hope throwing flowers dressed up as Fozi Bear...waca waca.

Once it was explained to him what a ringer bearer's job is and what he would need to wear he was much more comfortable with the idea.

I was so impressed with myself for telling Hope what her job would be that I gave myself a little pat on the back..that is until Hope asked if she was going to wear a dress she already had in her closet.

Ok, maybe a little more explanation was needed on our side too.

So I have this picture in my head of N wearing a bear suit down the aisle and Hope beating him over the head with her picnic basket full of flower petals...poor Auntie J....


Crazymamaof6 said...

Too funny. There is a little Bill episode about being in a wedding and the confusion about getting to wear a bear costume.

I'm sure they will look darling. How fun.

just_karyn said...

Hilarious!! Not your usual Polar Bear, Brown Bear or Grizzly Bear...it the new Ring Bear...

Out of the mouths of babes!