Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do You Want Fries With That?

Ok, so I have one more funny story to tell you before I update what is going on in my life...

Last week Joe and I flew to Ohio to visit Cleveland Clinic for my RA. I've recently had 2 back surgeries. One in October and one in November to have my back fused (I'll tell you more about this later).

So this is the first time I have flown since I've had the screws in my back and foot (remind me to tell you about airport security...I'm pretty sure I'm dating a girl there after a 15 minute pat down and a grope or two).

Anyway....I get into my seat in the airplane and I see this 40ish year old guy sitting next to me. I'm thinking no big deal...he'll leave me alone on the flight (this is after George Lopez drove us to the airport...seriously, why must you talk to me when I have my head back against the seat and my eyes closed).

So we take off and it's a 49 minute flight. I'm thinking I'm golden, this shouldn't bother my back very much when all of the sudden I hear crunching next to me.

The part that made this confusing was that we hadn't been served a snack yet. I peeked out of the side of my eyes and saw this man sitting next to me biting his fingernails. And if that wasn't bad enough, he was chewing them and then eating them.

Uhm wait, it gets better. When he was finally done gnawing on his fingermails (I have never been more disappointed that I didn't bring an emory board with me in my purse) he decided to start to PICK HIS NOSE.

Did you think it couldn't get worse from either, and yet it did. Then he started to LICK HIS FINGERS. Stick the finger up his nose, swing it around and then right into his mouth.

By this time I'm practically sitting in Joe's lap...I was so terribly skeezed out that I thought I was going to have to spend serious time in the shower when we got to the hotel. The only thing worse was if he had started to pick my nose.

So they came around to see if we wanted something to drink and he ordered a Diet Coke. I leaned over and said to Joe, "I wonder if he can't afford the extra calories due to all the fingernails and boogers he's already eaten today."

Thank goodness it was a short flight....just about the time we were landing, he had started to clean out his ears....

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Melisa with one S said...

EEW! That is all! Gross!