Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There Is No Excuse for Flip Flops...

I was at the chiropractor's office the other day when I overheard a conversation about a woman's shoes. Her doctor was giving her a hard time for continuing to wear heels even though they were contributing to her health issues.

I sat on my table, smugly thinking that I had wonderful $45 flip flops on and he wouldn't possibly have a reason to yell at me. Well, at least until my next visit anyway....

I walked in limping asking if it was normal that my foot was numb when the war against my shoes started.

He looked at me and said "don't you have any running or walking shoes" and said, "yes." Oh yeah, I lied...what's a girl supposed to do? Running shoes are just plain ugly, good for your feet, but ugly (or is that butt ugly?) So I added, "my flip flops have arch support in them" at which point he said, "I'm looking at your flip flops (dripping with disdain) and there is not enough support in them (good thing I didn't tell him they were $45, he probably would have stroked out in the middle of the practice.) He then went on to add that "there is no excuse for flip flops."

I figured at this point I'd better let the conversation go but y'all know me...I won't be deterred. So on the way to get acupuncture (you'd think I'd be smart enough not to pick on a guy who is about to stick needles in my feet) I grabbed my flip flops and said, "I haven't been able to wear shoes for 3 months and now you tell me my flip flops are horrible and you won't let me wear them." He looked at me seriously and said, "yeah Melissa, we're all out to get you."

And I proceeded to burst out laughing. The funny thing about this whole conversation? The longer that I couldn't wear shoes, the more shoes I bought. I think in a space of two months I bought 8 pairs of shoes. Cute, adorable shoes...that I won't be wearing because I will be sporting a new $125 pair of butt ugly running/walking shoes.

Yeah, maybe those boots weren't so bad after all.


Kelli said...

I really want to come see your 45 dollar flip flops!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

ya just can't win. running walking shoes. blech.
but are they comfy?

comfort means more than style sometimes.

A Wedding Story said...

You. are. hysterical!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ That's funny! you can never have too many shoes! :)

raandme said...

Oh, I know it sucks, but buying good running shoes is the best thing I ever did for my posture and limp.

Shoes with good ankle support are a must. They keep my ankles from rolling which keep my knees are hips straight while I walk. It sounds silly, but good shoes did more for me than eight weeks of physical therapy.

But youre right. It is a drag. I call mine space shoes. Because its impossible to find sneakers these days that arent covered in silver mesh.

just_karyn said...

Ummm, no...the boots are BAD!!

When I went to the dr last week I wore my tennis shoes so as to appear as though I've not been wearing the banned flip flops for the past 3 months. She didn't question my shoe choice, but didn't hesitate to put me back in the boot.

I hope you find some relief apart from das boot!!

The flip flops are worth it right? Beauty knows no pain!!

Kat said...

You crack me up. Developed an addiction to buying shoes.

I am actually dreading the fall - as I just realized that I haven't worn anything else but flipflops and sandals. It's going to be rough to wear "normal" shoes again. Sigh

Cathy said...

I have a nice pair of tennis shoes and can't wear them. They bother my feet. I have been wearing Ecco sandals all summer and LOVE them. They are so comfortable. The brand was recommended by my chiropractor. I wish they had a better selection for the fall but I did end up finding a pair I think I like. Also, Dansko makes a comfortable shoe.

Melissa said...

Kelli: Surprisingly they look just like the $5 pair at Walmart :)

Julia: I'm willing to give up comfort for style...yeah, I'm a slave to fashion...LOL

Melissa: Now if I just had enough feet to wear the 19 pairs of shoes I have I'll be all set.

RA: Good point, what is with all that silver mesh. I know it's reflective if you run but seriously if you don't...ugly!!

Karyn: Pardon me while I giggle a little about you being back in a boot...I know I'm horrible. You should do like my shrink said and decorate it...can you imagine? Yikes.

Kat: I think shoes addiction falls under the healthy category of addictions, right? :)

Cathy: Good shoes bother my feet to, the more support the more they ache. I was thinking about this and I think he just said running shoes because he knows they have good support. I'm sure if I start looking I can find normal shoes with good support....I just need to start looking...because I'm so not wearing ugly shoes.

Karen said...

I've always been a fan of bare feet myself. Still am. I found out that amusement parks prefer shoes, BTW.