Monday, December 14, 2015

Cooling Things Off a Bit or Why I Love My New FlexiKold Ice Pack

I'm slightly new to Twitter (@realitiesofRA), within the last 6 months or so. I have braved the Twitter Universe and I've really started to enjoy it. When I first started there I was approached by @NatraCare to review their #FlexiKold ice packs. I've never really sat down and written a review and I'm a complete snob about my ice packs so I declined. I really was not looking to figure out how to write a bad review as my first review post.

Thankfully, I was asked again to try and review a FlexiKold ice pack and I'm glad I did. I really am an ice pack snob. I have two brands that I buy and there are a few things an ice pack must have for me to use them. They need to stay cold a LONG time, they also have to be flexible and they can't break open. Seems like a no brainer, huh? I use two different brands, one made of clay. I really like these packs because they are extremely flexible, the only problem is they get warm fast. On the days that I need to use ice packs all day I usually can go through 12 of them a day while I'm waiting for the first one to get cold again. 12 ice packs is a pretty decent investment for ice. The other brand I use freezes like an ice cube, which is great because it lasts for 8 hours.The problem? Have you ever laid your face on an ice cube? It's not fun for my TMJ at all. It's also not great when you want to wrap an ice pack around your ankle, either one side or the other is cold but not both (even with elastic to pull it tight). So while these are my favorite ice packs, I'm still not really meeting my needs.

I decided to take the NatraCare Representative up on their offer this time and have them send out a FlexiKold ice pack for me to try. When I grabbed it out of the mail I had totally forgotten it was coming with all the Christmas packages coming so I was surprised when I opened it. I was also having a bad day physically so it was nice to have something in the mail for me. I pulled it out of the box and thought looks pretty normal to me, and wondered what the big deal was. I threw it in the freezer and didn't give it another thought until later that evening (maybe 4 hours) when I was really hurting.

My first thought was after 4 hours this thing was cold (I know ice packs are cold but I've never thought when pulling an ice pack out "wow, that's cold" especially after 4 hours in the freezer). I used it on my foot that night and I was really surprised how many of my needs it met, It stayed cold for a few hours, it was completely flexible and I could smoosh (yes, technical word) it around my ankle and make sure that every part of my swollen ankle was getting cold, it's made of sturdy canvas like fabric and I doubt there will be an issues with cracking or the fabric breaking. After I used it around my ankle and on the bottom of my foot (at least 3 hours ) I threw it back in the freezer and then about a half an hour later my jaw was really starting to hurt so I moved it aside to grab a different ice pack and was shocked to find that it was cold enough to use again already (I think this is because it's thin enough to re-freeze quickly, it's also has gel inside instead of clay or frozen water). I have to say I thought that was pretty impressive. Even my husband has good things to say about the FlexiKold. He had surgery 2 weeks ago on his foot. Usually with foot surgery you ice behind the knee to get the cold to flow through with the blood (weird right, it works). He was able to ice longer because the FlexiKold stayed cold longer and when you have to get up every time to put your ice pack back with a foot you can't walk on being able to ice 20 mins and then put it back on 20 mins after and have it still be cold is quite handy. I wish I had taken them up on their offer sooner. If you would like to purchase a FlexiKold ice pack you can do so here and if you would like to purchase a set of Mittens (in case you don't win) you can get those here While you're at the NatraCure website be sure to check out their other products too.

Not only did NatraCure send the FlexiKold for free so I could review it they also offered a free pair of their Hot/Cold mittens. I am passing this on to you, consider it an early Holiday present from me to you if you play along. I will pick a winner on Monday, December 21st. What do you need to do? Comment below if you use ice or heat and on what joints. If you comment anonymously, please be sure to leave an email address where I can reach you. No point in winning if I can't get to you, I hope you enjoy them as much as I'm enjoying my ice pack.

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Jen Miller said...

Thank you for posting your review! I only have 3 ice packs and they're all terrible. I wrapped one in cellophane and the other two are in freezer bags because they've burst - I lay on them for my migraines. And they stay cold for maybe an hour at the most and that's if they've been frozen all day. I'll have to try these Flexikold ones! I use heat (and sometimes cold) on my hands - my knuckles have terrible pain. Would love to win a set of these gloves! :) (I'm @paper_mermaid on Twitter.)

Arianna Nyswonger said...

Hi!! Let's see if this works now. Lol I'm 22 and I use hearing and cooling pads on my hands, feet and lower back for RA. Unfortunately, they're makeshift ones because I'm too broke to buy real ones. Ie: I've in plastic bags and warm wash cloths in plastic bags. It would be totally awesome if I could win these as I live in Oregon, USA and it's super cold here, it's keep my hands warm since normal gloves tend to be too uncomfortable for me. It'd also give me a reason to go out. Thanks! -Arianna Nyswonger

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and great review of these. I've been seeing a lot about them and been thinking of picking up a few. Seems like the flexibility of them is very nice. The worst part of most cold packs is how hard they are, or if they are a gel pack, they don't stay cold long enough. Looks like I know what I'm getting for Christmas! @eprestonJ