Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tales of the Funny Side of Recovering From Foot Fusion Surgery..

Grab Bar...
A couple of weeks ago before my surgery I asked my hubs to get a grab bar so I could have something to grab onto after I was done using the facilities.
We talked about a screw on the wall one but I wanted a suction one that would leave the wall without holes. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a grab bar being in my guest bathroom.
So, out he went to buy said grab bar. He came home and installed it a few days later. He was all proud and came into my room saying "Melissa, I put up the grab bar..." 3 seconds later, thunk, I heard it hit the floor. Um, not feeling so sure I want to grab that.
Back into the bathroom he goes, puts it up and he comes back, before he hits the bathroom door, I hear now I'm laughing hysterically knowing even if that thing sticks to the wall I'm never using it.
All I can picture is me timbering with the grab bar in my hand! Not exactly what I had in mind.
So, we looked into different grab bars. Picked a small one that included a toilet paper holder. Very classy you would never know it's also a grab bar. He installs it, it looks good, I'm impressed.
Then he tells me, "Melissa, it's not in a stud so don't lean on it too hard." Um, what?!?
Why yes, we are grab bar challenged in this house. Thank goodness for the sink...

Dry Shampoo...
The day after my surgery I got up and got all cleaned up. No shower for 5 days since I had a soft cast on.
It was ok because I had planned ahead, I bought all the washing clothes they had at Walgreen's and I even picked up a bottle of dry shampoo (baby powder works equally as well and is much cheaper, btw). So I'm cleaning myself up, spray my hair with the bottle and go on my merry way.
All week long my hair has been so weird, even after washing it's had the oddest consistency. Finally when I was moving bottles yesterday I think I figured out what happened. Instead of using the bottle of dry shampoo, I used my spray deodorant on my hair...both made by the same company.
Do you have any idea how hard that stuff is to get out of your hair? When they say keeps you dry they mean it...

My Incision...
Why I nearly passed out when my bandages came off and I saw what was under my soft cast. Holy cow. I'm thinking this will make for an awesome tattoo of a zipper up the back of my leg...

Stay tuned for more Tales of the Funny Side of Recovering From Foot Fusion Surgery...(wow, that's a really long title, sheesh!)

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