Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mickey Will Make It All Better Or I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up...

I figured it would be easier to update everyone on my Ortho appointment this afternoon by blogging. A lot of you know that on my last day in California about a month ago I fell. My leg was a sleep and I found out the hard way that if you can't feel it, you can't walk on it....

I fell on my left side and pretty much bumbled everything up on that side. I sprained my foot/ankle and wrist/hand. Today's visit was for the jammed shoulder, I still need to see if the sciatica goes or if it's a new thing and have my hand and wrist xrayed next week.

I was pretty sure that my shoulder wasn't a fracture but it was good to have it confirmed seeing that this is the shoulder I had surgery on last year. I'm starting to lose ROM quickly and that concerned me. PT exercises at home and if that doesn't work, cortisone injection. He pressed on the part the surgery was supposed to fix and I closed my eyes and counted to 10, he was not at all impressed with that. Somehow I think the surgery was not as much of a success as he had hoped. Cortisone injections are not a great option after a surgery to fix things. I'm still worried that I subluxed or pulled a ligament or tendon. This is the first time I've seen an xray since he snipped my biceps tendon, odd seeing your muscle bunched up and useless.

He asked about my foot and I said it hurt (I forgot to mention that I hadn't been wearing my boot, whoops) then we started to talk about Disney and my expectations for the trip. He laughed at me and told me I would be using a buggy the whole time (last visit it was a cart, methinks hes afraid to use the word wheelchair around me). I told him I was renting a scooter for one day and he said "no, you aren't." Well, I guess we both had a different idea of what my vacation is going to look like, I'm glad that we had this little pre-meeting so we could get that figured out, not! Then he told me I have to take care of my ankle and I remembered how bad my foot hurt last night and I got with the program...well, I'm trying anyway.

Next thing I knew he was taking my pulse and looking at my hands and wrists. Poking and prodding. Does this hurt, I lied and said no the first time but the second time he found the spot. And then I was told not only do I have to have my hands and wrists looked at but I had to go to a different doctor in the practice. After having RA for 43 years breaking in new doctors is not my specialty, but Melissa he's nice, I'm sure he is or he wouldn't work here, but Melissa he's good, I'm sure he is. Giving a new doctor the chance to tell me "you don't have RA" just isn't on my agenda for the next two weeks. I whined I was tired of being sick and didn't want to start with someone new (which he took surprisingly well) and left with absolutely no help other than it isn't broke, good news but not helpful with the pain.

As I was driving home the only thing I could picture in my head was sitting in an ED somewhere in Florida having my hand and wrist xrayed because they hurt so bad. Yeah, I came home and made the appointment to make sure they are not fractured before I leave the state. I'm pretty sure that the Mouse's House doesn't have a Mouse's Hospital and I plan to spend 24/7 onsite at said House getting my money's worth, even if it's only taking advantage of the pool (I'll have awesome tan lines around my boot and wrist brace).

All kidding aside, Dr. Ortho is one of my favorite doctors because instead of saying no he always figures out a way for me to do the things that I need and want to get done without discouraging me but he also manages to keep my feet on the ground while doing it. While I  don't like the revisions, I will do them because like he said to me today I have to take care of my ankle. I'm thankful for him...so much so that I didn't tell him about my plans to ZIPLINE! :)

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