Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Guilty Pleasure Or Glee

Seven years ago when the current flare I'm in started and didn't end 6 months later as usual I was pretty upset. Three times a week I would go in for massage therapy and I would talk with my massage therapist. One particular day I showed up unable to hear well. My massage therapist was gay and quite open about it. He had a very high voice but on that particular day I couldn't quite seem to hear what he was saying so he used a more manly voice. He knew that I was having a bad day so he decided to tell me about a show that he loved called Glee. He told me about it in this manly voice and said I should check it out.

It sounded like something that I would like so I went home and Netflixed it and sat down and watched the whole DVD (this was before streaming video). I caught up on the first and second season and loved every minute of it. It was campy and funny at the beginning but it had such great potential. Every week I would go into massage therapy we would talk about Glee as he dug his fingers into the extremely sore spots in my neck (this was not a fun time and I hated these massages). It made it easier to gossip about what we thought about the shows. I eventually stopped going for massages but Glee stuck with me.

It was my guilty pleasure, when I was stuck in bed and having a horrible day I would amuse myself with a video day on YouTube and watch the music videos and just check out of my difficult health for the day. I can't tell you how many days that helped me get through.

But it wasn't just about me. This show exposed me to things that I should be talking to my daughter about. First it was telling her we would love her no matter who she turned out to be, then it was ok to be a misfit, then about domestic violence, then about overdosing on drugs, then transgender and transition issues. So many lessons that I would have never even known about had I not been watching this show (a lot of these issues weren't issues when I was a kid, I like to think I know this stuff, but not so much). This show covered so many issues that no one wanted to discuss but made it a point to do it while singing all the way through.

I'm not exactly the demographic that they were playing to and my daughter is not a fan so the fact that I stayed true to this show tells you how much I enjoyed it and how happy it made me. Last night was the last show, they tied it up with a lovely bow and pretty much everyone that watched cried.

I'm so thankful for the company for the last 6 years, for the fact that I knew when I wanted to I could escape from the world into this show that I loved, the music that always hit me in the feels, for the characters that were so different than any other show I've watched and for the great education this show gave me in helping my daughter grow. I feel in someway even I in my 40's grew up with Glee.

Thank you Glee for making a difficult time that much easier. You will still be my guilty pleasure since your videos will always be on YouTube and your songs will always be on my iTunes. You did good...

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