Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Finally Understand...

As I looked further into the flier I found that my rheumy's office also holds a seminar for those newly diagnosed with RA and they have an event for kids with JA this month.

And the last thing that totally blew my mind, there was a picture of a child in a wheelchair, A CHILD! Underneath the picture it said Strollers and WHEELCHAIRS Welcome!

While I was sitting on my ass feeling entitled because I was sick, this woman was out letting people at her local AF know what it was like to live with RA, every day. Yes, she had to work to do it and I'm guessing she must have been pretty sick to have actually died from complications but rather than sit around and hope someone else raised funds, or sealed envelops or made phone calls she got up from her bed and taught people the difference between RA and OA. And the difference between these two walks is astounding and I believe she had a lot to do with the education that is at one chapter and not the other. While this flier was the most scary thing I have ever seen, I put it by my bedside so every time I look at it I know its not acceptable anymore for me to sit on my ass and be entitled.

I am extremely lucky, because I will be able to volunteer at a place where they have already seen what its like to deal with a person with severe RA, that is not the norm. Not all of you will have that option but to that I say, how do you ever expect people to know the difference if we can't even teach our own non-profits what the difference is?

I was wrong, I expected The Arthritis Foundation to get it without any effort, I expected someone else to do the work for me and I got lucky, someone did, but now it's my turn. I'm not going to live forever, probably not nearly as long as I would like or the way I would like too but I damn well sure know if I have to go out like this woman, this Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior did, I will. If it was that important to her that people know the difference and she worked that hard, then it should be just as important for me and I will find a way to work that about you?

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